julho 04, 2004

«Before Sunset»

Contrariando as expectativas dos mais cépticos, Before Sunset - sequela do mágico Before Sunrise - estreou nos Estados Unidos acompanhado pela crítica unânime de que em nada desprestigia o filme original. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) e Celine (Julie Delpy) reencontram-se em Paris, nove anos depois, e a química parece permanecer - prova do virtuosismo de Richard Linklater.

"That rose in the desert, a sequel that improves in every way upon its beloved predecessor and a romance that slowly builds a fire from embers thought dead." - Boston Globe

"One of the most perfect endings of any film that comes to mind." - Chicago Reader

"The new film, which unfolds in real time over the course of 80 minutes, is a deeper, darker, altogether more memorable experience. It doesn't extend the characters so much as fulfill them. " - Entertainment Weekly

"This is one of the most wildly romantic movies in ages. " - The Hollywood Reporter

"The film has the materials for a lifetime project; like the "7-Up" series, this is a conversation that could be returned to every 10 years or so, as Celine and Jesse grow older. " - Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)